Commercial Director : Mr John A Staton M.A.I.P.(Dip). M.A.I. Ex. (Dip) C.V.

Analytical Services: Mr. Craig Dennyson B.Sc. C.V.

Formulation Development Manager : Mr George Orban B.Sc. UNSW C.V.

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John Alexander Staton M.A.I.P.(Dip). M.A.I. Ex. (Dip)


1963 Completed NSW Leaving Certificate
Sydney Boys High School, Sydney

1969 Graduated Biology Certificate
Sydney Technical College

1973 Graduated Packaging Diploma
Sydney Technical College

1985 Graduated Diploma in Export Management
Australian Institute of Export


Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists - Life Member and Past President
Australian Institute of Packaging (Diplomat Member)
Australian Institute of Export (Diplomat Member)
Past Chairman and Member Technical Committee - Proprietary Association of Australia
Past Member NH&MRC GMP Sub-committee.
Member TGC TGO Sub-committee on Child Resistant Packaging.
Chairman - Standards Association Committee on Child Resistant Packaging.
Member - Standards Australia Sunscreen Testing Committee
Member - ASMI Sub-Committee - Sunscreens
Member - ACCORD Sub-committee - Sunscreens
Australian Standards Delegate to ISO Sunscreen Working Group


August 1990 - Present
I am presently COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR of Technical Consultancy Services Pty.Ltd. (T.C.S.) and Director of Dermatest Pty Ltd (Dermatest) . T.C.S. was jointly founded by myself and a colleague in 1990 to provide consultancy services to the pharmaceutical and allied industries. Areas of consultancy work include new product concepts, formulation and dosage form design, stability testing, regulatory affairs and marketing.
All aspects of product development required to carry products from initial concept to marketing are covered. Facilities include a well equipped laboratory with HPLC, GC, UV, GC-MS, AA and pilot manufacturing and testing equipment for most pharmaceutical dosage forms.

I am also currently a DIRECTOR and 50% owner of Dermatest Pty. Ltd. which is engaged in providing an extensive range of dermatological tests for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Tests include a full SPF testing facility, Repeat Insult Patch Tests and Cumulative Irritancy Tests. Dermats is one of only two facilities offersing such services in Australia.

1989 - 1993 SciPharm Pty Ltd - Consultant Chemist
Developed GMP Training software and conducted GMP training in Pharmaceutical plants throughout Australia. Prepared Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documentation and GMP control documentation.
Conducted audits and assisted with therapeutic facility design
1986 - 1989 General Manager - Soul Pattinson Laboratories Pty Ltd
Reporting to CEO and responsible for all aspects of therapeutic manufacturing facility.
1977 - 1986 Operations Manager - British Medical Laboratories Pty Ltd
Reporting to CEO and responsible for operation of manufacturing plant. Included product development and production.
1969 - 1977 Development Manager - Soul Pattinson Laboratories Pty Ltd
Product development of over 200 formulations, packaging development and design. Development of product range for the AMCAL pharmacy franchise group. Technical support and development of products
for export to S.E. Asia and Middle East. Technical support for manufacturing operations in Malaysia and Hong Kong.
1966 - 1969 Senior Chemist - Soul Pattinson Laboratories Pty Ltd
Management of Quality Control and Assurance functions. Development of analytical techniques and methodology using U.V. and I.R. Spectroscopy and Gas Liquid Chromatography.
1966 Field Assistant - Merck Sharpe & Dohme
Evaluation of veterinary formulations in animal trials.
1964 - 1966 Laboratory Assistant - Dept of Pharmacy Sydney University
Preparation of pharmaceutics and organic chemistry laboratories for student practical sessions. Assistance of development of newly established laboratories for practical pharmacognosy and dispensing.

Patent :
US Patent 5,801,214 - Dental Retaining Composition - 1998
WO 2005081673 - Topical Polymeric Antimicrobial Emulsion
AU 20032181745 - Insect Repellant
WO 2004010783 - Insect Repellant
EP 0983092 - Preservative Composition Containing Tea Tree Oil
AU710919B - Acne Treatment

Papers :
"Melaleuca Oil - a Healthy Natural alternative."
Cosmetics, Aerosols & Toiletries in Australia 1999; 11: (5) 12-15.
Winner Best Presentation and Best Scientific Content
Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists Conference 1998

"Australian Tea Tree Oil - A Versatile Natural Material for Cosmeceuticals"
ASCS 3rd Scientific Conference Taipei, Taiwan 1997

"Instrumental (In-vitro) UVA Measurement and Validation"
WSMI Word Self-Medication 4th Asia Pacific Regional Conference 2000

"Determining the Contribution of Individual Active to SPF - a Proposed Methodology” Poster at IFSCC Congress, Orlando Florida, USA 2004

"Insecticides don't kill lice but Formulations of Insecticides do!".
Symposium on the "Biology and Control of Lice" at the XXII International
Congress of Entomology, Brisbane 15-21 August 2004.

"Country by Country Comparison of Key Parameters in National SPF Testing Protocols" International Symposium on Photoprotection Test Methodologies Sydney 2006

“Tools for Anti-ageing Claims Support”  In-Cosmetics Bangkok Nov 2008 : Published Personal Care Magazine Asia Pacific Nov 2008.

“Validation of UVA In-vitro Testing”  Sun Protection Symposium London June 2009
and SCC USA Sunscreen Symposium Orlando FL Oct 2009.

“Efficacy Testing of Skin Whitening Products”  In-Cosmetics Singapore Oct 2009.

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Mr George Orban B.Sc. UNSW

Formulations Development Manager :


1978 Higher School Certificate

(De La Salle College, Ashfield)

1983 Bachelor of Science

(Industrial Chemistry - UNSW)


1999 (March 8) &endash; Present: TECHNICAL CONSULTANCY SERVICES

Technical Consultancy Services (TCS) is a consulting laboratory assisting many large and small companies in Research and Development, stability studies and analytical method development, specialising in pharmaceutical, veterinary and therapeutic products. Through its associated company Dermatest, sunscreens are developed and tested for their Sun Protection Factor (SPF). TCS does not market its own products nor does it have a production facility.

Formulation Development Manager:

Responsibilities include formulation of new products, preparation and monitoring of stability batches, liaison with clients and suppliers, organisation of external testing as required (e.g. microbiological testing and efficacy studies) and maintenance of documentation.

1995 (November 20) - 1998 (November 13) : C.P. TECHNOLOGIES PTY. LTD.

C.P. Technologies was a contract filler of aerosol and liquid products. Two of its major customers were Sabre Corporation ("Fudge" brand of products) and Pearson's Products. CPT was also a supplier of hair care products to a number of different salons. It won an industry award in 1997 for its use of "Pecap" technology.

The company appointed an Administrator to handle its financial affairs in July 1998 and went into liquidation in November 1998.

Technical Manager

Responsibilities included Research and Development, generation of all documentation relevant to batch manufacture and production runs, troubleshooting of batch and production problems, providing assistance to customers on regulatory affairs (e.g. Poisons Schedules, Dangerous Goods Codes), regular liaison with customers and suppliers on Technical and Quality issues as well as various "routine" Quality Control functions.

Major achievements include the formal establishment of the technical function at C.P. Technologies and successful launches of products in compressed gas and "Bag-In-Can" systems.

1994 (April 18) - 1995 (November 10): AEROPACK AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD.

Aeropack Australia is also a contract filler of aerosol and liquid products. Some of its major customers included, at the time, Helene Curtis, Lever-Rexona, Australian Grocery Holdings (Coles Supermarkets) and Bristol Myers.

Technical Manager:

Responsible for all technical functions including Quality Control of batch concentrates and finished products, troubleshooting of batch and production problems, some Research and Development work and liaison with customers and suppliers on various technical and quality issues.

Major achievements include the improvement of documentation procedures and the introduction of raw material lot numbering.

1989 (July 3) -1994 (March 31): RECKITT & COLMAN PRODUCTS PTY.LTD. (Formerly Samuel Taylor)

Employed by Reckitt & Colman in various capacities between 1989 and 1994.

1989-90 Product Development Chemist

Responsible for Laundry Care products, particularly Ironing Aids and Presoakers.

1991-92 Quality Control Supervisor - Aerosol Laboratory

Responsibilities included processing of consumer complaints, troubleshooting of batch and production problems, liaison with suppliers on quality issues and monthly reporting of laboratory activities to senior management.

1992-93 Mixing Area Supervisor - Aerosol Factory

Responsibilities included arranging work for compounders according to production schedules and ordering of bulk solvents and propellants.

1993-94 Product Development Scientist

Responsible for Disinfectants, Hard Surface Cleaners, lavatory care and issues relating to Formaldehyde replacement in formulations. The disinfectant work required familiarity with the Therapeutic Goods Act.

Courses undertaken at Reckitt & Colman include:

- The New Supervisor,

- Train the Trainer,

- Effective Business Presentations,

- Interviewing and Selection Skills.

Major achievements include the successful launch of a number of products including reformulated aerosol and liquid "Fabulon" and the revamped "Pine-O-Cleen" range.

1984 (August 27) -1989 (June 16) : S.C.JOHNSON & SON PTY LTD

Product Development Chemist:

Responsible for development and maintenance of various household products including air fresheners, laundry care, lavatory care and insecticides. This also included responsibility for registration of insecticide products with various Government departments.

Major achievements include the launch of the "Protector" (now "Raid") dry spray insecticides and the successful preparation of registration packages for various new and existing insecticide products.


- Member of the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists since 1995.

-With the exception of Technical Consultancy Services, the abovementioned companies have all been members of the Aerosol Association of Australia.

Languages spoken (other than English) include fluent Hungarian and some knowledge of German.

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Craig Dennyson B. Sc.

University of Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Bachelor of Science (Food Science, Biochemistry) 1999

- More than five years varied laboratory experience, both technical and analytical in a range of industries, with extensive hands-on production experience.

- Thoroughly proficient in HPLC, GC, GC/MS, AAS and a wide range of modern instrumentation operation, calibration and resolving of technical problems.

- Excellent analytical and documentation skills, with a proven record of working accurately under pressure, within strict laboratory policies.

- South African Bureau of Standards ISO 9002(Quality systems &endash; Model for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing)

- South African Bureau of Standards HACCP - The implementation and management of a hazard analysis and critical control point)

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